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Are there extra costs that I will have to pay when I purchase my property?

For resale property you will have to pay 10% of the value of the property purchased, this is called transmission tax, Spanish equivalent to the UK`s Stamp duty and is paid directly to the Spanish government. The Notary and the Registry fees are also paid by the purchaser and these fees vary depending on the price of the property purchased.

Do I have to be in present at the Notary’s office at the completion of my purchase?

No, providing you have arranged a valid Power of Attorney you do not need to physically be at the Notary’s office on the day of signing, The Power of Attorney can be given to your lawyer or indeed anybody that you choose to represent you and sign on your behalf. Your lawyer will assist if needed with communications between yourself and the Notary.

What about appointing a legal representative?

You are advised to appoint a lawyer to represent you during your purchase, there are many English speaking lawyers here in Spain that solely specialise in property conveyancing and assisting with other necessary paper work, ie making wills, applying for residency and general legal advice.

Can we book a viewing trip if we haven’t yet sold our property?

Of course, however it is important that you have some funds available for a deposit to reserve a property should we find the right property for you. What we don’t like to see happen is you spending your time viewing properties and then not be in a position to purchase..

Will I have to pay local rates and taxes?

The annual costs of owning a home in Spain are much much lower than those in the UK, you will receive annual bills for the collection of the rubbish, mains drainage and annual rates bill (IBI), you will also be charged bi monthly for water and electricity.

Will it be a problem for the non Spanish speakers moving into such an area?

Oh no, there are many English speaking doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects etc within the area. At Casitas we are Spanish English speakers who will help with any translation issues and concerns. .

Can I make alterations to my property that I have bought, ie extensions and refurbishments?

Yes this can be done however you will sometimes need to obtain a project from an architect and submit plans to the local town hall for the building licence. There are two types of licences, one for Obra Menor (small works) where you won’t normally need a project from the architect and an Obra Mayor (major works) where you will need an architect’s project. We at casitas will of course assist you with any introductions and the paperwork.

Can we pay with sterling; does the transaction have to be completed in Euros?

There will be occasions that we are able to negotiate a sale in sterling depending on the vendor’s circumstances; however house sales in Spain are normally completed with Euro transactions.

Is it easy to get mortgages in Spain?

As a general rule Spanish banks will lend up to 70% of the property valuation for non residents. Interest rates at the moment are lower than in the UK and vary slightly from bank to bank. If you speak to a Casitas representative regarding banking issues and finance they can provide you with further information, like the UK there are different mortgages available to suit different circumstances.

If in the future we decide to sell our property, what are the procedures?

We at Casitas can of course assist in selling your property; there is a buoyant market for resale properties. Contact the Casitas team who will market your property and endeavour to sell as quickly as possible. Casitas will gladly give you a market valuation prior to marketing and selling your property, if you need a valuation for mortgage purposes your chosen bank will send their own representatives.

Can Casitas provide us with a building service to build the house of our choice?

Indeed, Casitas have our own building department as well as working with other companies and architects we will build and finish your project to a very high standard. Our prices are competitive. If new construction or self build is something that you are interested in then speak to a Casitas representative. If you don’t already own land we can assist you in your search.

Will I have any rental opportunities?

Depending on the property you buy will determine the level of rental income, however whether it be an apartment on the beach, a villa inland or a town house all will have the possibilities of a healthy rental income. Contact a Casitas representative to get an idea of expected rental income for your property. Casitas own rental department can arrange all aspects of property management, we will source clients, draw up contracts and forward the rent to a bank account in the UK or in Spain.

How long does the sale procedure take?

The sale procedure can be completed as quickly as 1 week or as long as 1 year, this all depends on the agreement between vendor and purchaser, we will negotiate on your behalf to meet your needs. In normal cases from the point of reserving your property to completion is between 8 weeks and 12 weeks.

Can I bring my pet to Spain?

You will need various health and vaccination certificates to bring your pet into Spain and a certificate from your agriculture ministry; it’s not as complicated as you may think, now that the UK has introduced the pet passport scheme. Contact your local vet who will be up to date with all current procedures.

The information on this website (including photographs), whilst believed to be accurate is set out as a general guideline and does not constitute any part of a contract, and should not be regarded as financial or legal advice. You should not rely on this information as statements or representation of fact. You should verify and satisfy yourself by inspection or otherwise that the information contained is correct and that all measurements, services and facilities are as described and in fact available, and should fully verify the current planning situation of the property including the compatibility of your planned usage. We recommend that you use the services of a Lawyer and/or an Architect. You should confirm if any movable items that are described (or included in the photographs) are in fact included in the sale since circumstances often change during marketing or negotiations. You should confirm the current availability and price and make an appointment to view before making any journey.

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