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Windows Gadget

Casitas Windows Desktop Gadget

Casitas have created a new tool for you to download. By installing the new Casitas Windows Gadget you can keep up to date with all the latest properties before visiting the website.

What is a Windows Gadget?

Vista is the latest version of Windows from Microsoft, and gadgets are one of its exciting new features. Gadgets are handy 'mini-applications' that sit on your desktop.

Find out more in this Microsoft article: Windows Gadgets

What does it do?

The Casitas Gadget will automatically check the Casitas website and display the most recent properties added. Clicking on a property will show you more information about that property.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Click the link above to download the gadget.
  2. Save the file to your computer and double click it.
  3. Agree to install the gadget.
  4. The gadget will appear on your Vista Sidebar. If you are connected to the internet the latest properties will appear.
Upgrade Instructions
  1. If the Casitas gadget is currently open, close it by right-clicking the gadget and choosing 'Close Gadget'.
  2. Download the latest version of the gadget.
  3. Save the file to your computer and double click it to install. Agree to install and replace the gadget when prompted.
  4. The gadget will appear on your Vista Sidebar. If you are connected to the internet the latest properties will appear.
Usage Instructions:
  1. To find out more about any property click on the properties photo. This will show you an image and a summary of the property details. Clicking 'Read Full Listing' will open the full details page in your browser.
  2. You can page through the latest properties by clicking the < and > arrows at the bottom of the gadget.
  3. If you would like to refresh the properties manually click the refresh button next to the arrows, this will update the properties displayed, this is useful if you were to lose internet connection temporalarily.
  4. If you close the gadget and want it back click the 'Plus' icon on the Vista Sidebar to view a list of gadgets. Double click the Casitas logo to add the gadget again. If you can not see the Sidebar you can start it by clicking on the Vista Start Menu, typing 'Sidebar' and clicking on the Sidebar item.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where has the gadget gone, I can't see it?

Several things could have happened. Check to see if the gadget is hidden by other applications by pressing the windows key and spacebar at the same time. This will show you all gadgets on your desktop and the sidebar. If you can't see the sidebar at this point try the steps in the following question. If you can see the sidebar, but can't see it the Casitas gadget might be on another page of the sidebar. Click the arrows at the top of the sidebar to see if it is off the screen. If you still can't see it the gadget might have been closed. Click the plus icon on the sidebar, and double click on the Casitas logo to reload the gadget.

Can I keep an eye on more than one set of properties?

Yes, you can have as many copies of the gadget running on your desktop as you like. Just add a second gadget by clicking on the plus icon on the sidebar, and double clicking on the Casitas logo. You can repeat this as often as you like.

How do I start the sidebar?

The sidebar can be started by clicking on the Windows Start menu. Type the phrase 'Sidebar' and you will see an option on the menu called 'Windows Sidebar'. Click this item to start the sidebar.

How do I remove the gadget?

You can remove the Casitas Gadget like any other Vista gadget. Hovering your mouse over the gadget will show an 'x' icon in the top right corner, clicking this will close the gadget. You can re add the gadget by following the steps in the first FAQ. To completely uninstall the gadget press the plus icon on the sidebar, right click on the Casitas Pego icon and select 'Uninstall'. like.

Can the sidebar start automatically?

The sidebar can be started automatically when your computer starts, it will even remember that you are running the Casitas Gadget & check for the latest properties. Right click on the sidebar and select 'Properties' from the menu, tick the box titled 'Start Sidebar when Windows starts'.

I don't have Windows 7 or Vista, can I still use the gadget?

Unfortunately not, Windows gadgets will only run on Microsoft windows 7 or Vista . You can keep up to date with Casitas with our RSS feeds:

-> RSS Feeds

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