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The banking system is very much the same as the UK with ATM machines widely available as well as internet banking. Spanish banks offer a wide choice of accounts, from current accounts, saving accounts, credit card and mortgage facilities.

Transfers between your UK account and your Spanish account tend to be efficient and inexpensive however you are advised to check the charges and exchange rates before you make the transfer at both ends as there maybe cheaper alternatives available. If you are transferring large amounts there are specialist companies that. As a rule of thumb you will get 1.5 Euro for every pound sterling you change. Therefore if the euro rate goes up to 1.6 or 1.7 then you will get 1.6 or 1.7 euro for each pound. Should the euro rate drop then the reverse applies, the higher the euro rate, the more euros you will get for your pounds click here for a currency converter

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You will find it very easy to open a bank account in Spain, with a large amount of banks to choose from, most of which have English speaking staff. We have listed some of the larger banks for you to get familiar with.

La Caixa – www.lacaixa.es

With 4400 branches thoughout out Spain and almost 7000 cash point machines. La Caixa offer also offers “Linea Abierta” the 24 hour a day, 365 days a year internet banking.

Banesto – www.banesto.es

Founded in 1902 Banesto is Spains third largest bank with over 3 million customers and 1,600 branches across Spain. Banesto offer a wide range of services including internet banking, insurances and many different credit card options.

BBVA – www.bbva.es

With 3000 branches many of which specialising in the foreign banker. BBVA offer 20 year 60% mortgages at attractive rates.

Banco de Valencia – www.bancodevalencia.es

Offering all the services from mortgage advice, telephone and internet banking, foreign exchange and overseas bank transfers.

Central Hispano Banco de Santander – www.gruposantander.com

Grupo Santander is Spain's leading financial institution with a staff head count of 103,038 employees. Offering attractive mortgage interest rates as well as internet and telephone banking.

Halifax - www.halifax.es

Offering all of the normal banking services, as well as commission free money transfers if you bank in the UK.

Barclays - www.barclays.com

A finance entity owned by Barclays plc, a familiar high street bank from the UK now available in Spain.


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